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A timetable showing departure stop and time for the next five Route 110 trips on Friday 25 July 2014
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Stop Trip details Trip details
Inala station 9.52pm 10.52pm
Inala Ave at Skylark, Inala 9.53pm 10.53pm
Inala Ave at Sherrington Park, Inala 9.53pm 10.53pm
Inala Ave at Linacre, Durack 9.54pm 10.54pm
King Ave near Sherbrooke Rd, Willawong 9.56pm 10.56pm
Watson Rd at Learoyd Road, Acacia Ridge 9.59pm 10.59pm
Bellamy St at Acacia Ridge South near Benton St, Acacia Ridge 9.59pm 10.59pm
Bellamy St near Marnham St, Acacia Ridge 10.00pm 11.00pm
Mitchell St at Acacia Ridge East, Acacia Ridge 10.02pm 11.02pm
Elizabeth St at Kilkenny, Acacia Ridge 10.02pm 11.02pm
Watson Rd at Acacia Ridge, Acacia Ridge 10.03pm 11.03pm
Watson Rd at Acacia Ridge North, stop 59, Acacia Ridge 10.04pm 11.04pm
Mortimer Rd at Acacia Ridge West, stop 61, Acacia Ridge 10.05pm 11.05pm
Beatty Rd at Archerfield Aerodrome, Archerfield 10.07pm 11.07pm
Beatty Rd at Archerfield North, Archerfield 10.08pm 11.08pm
Balham Rd at Rocklea South, stop 41, Rocklea 10.09pm 11.09pm
Beaudesert Rd at Salisbury station, Rocklea 10.10pm 11.10pm
Beaudesert Rd at Moorooka South, stop 38, Moorooka 10.11pm 11.11pm
Beaudesert Rd at Moorvale, stop 32, Moorooka 10.14pm 11.14pm
Ipswich Rd at Clifton Hill, stop 28, Moorooka 10.17pm 11.17pm
Ipswich Rd at Chardons Corner, Annerley 10.18pm 11.18pm
Ipswich Rd at Annerley Junction, stop 22/21, Annerley 10.20pm 11.20pm
Ipswich Rd at PA Hospital, stop 14, Woolloongabba 10.24pm 11.24pm
Woolloongabba station 10.28pm 11.28pm
Mater Hill station 10.29pm 11.29pm
South Bank Busway station 10.31pm 11.31pm
Cultural Centre station 10.33pm 11.33pm
Queen Street Bus station 10.38pm 11.38pm
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