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A timetable showing departure stop and time for the next five Route 140 trips on Friday 25 July 2014
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Greenbank RSL Stop B, Hillcrest 6.05am 6.20am - - -
Browns Plains Plaza 6.11am 6.26am 6.42am 6.52am 7.02am
Beaudesert Rd at Illaweena Street, Calamvale 6.16am 6.31am 6.47am 6.57am 7.09am
Beaudesert Rd at Honeysuckle Way, Calamvale 6.18am 6.33am 6.49am 6.59am 7.12am
Beaudesert Rd at Kameruka Street, Calamvale 6.20am 6.35am 6.51am 7.01am 7.14am
Beaudesert Rd at Benhiam Street, Calamvale 6.22am 6.37am 6.53am 7.03am 7.17am
Calam Rd near Lear St, Sunnybank Hills 6.26am 6.41am 6.57am 7.07am 7.22am
Pinelands Rd at Sunnybank Hills South, Sunnybank Hills 6.28am 6.43am 6.59am 7.09am 7.24am
Pinelands Rd at Hellawell, Sunnybank Hills 6.29am 6.44am 7.00am 7.10am 7.25am
Pinelands Rd at near Beenleigh Rd, Sunnybank Hills 6.32am 6.47am 7.03am 7.13am 7.28am
Mains Rd at Altandi, stop 68, Sunnybank 6.35am 6.50am 7.06am 7.16am 7.31am
Mains Rd at Turton Street, stop 80, Sunnybank 6.36am 6.51am 7.07am 7.17am 7.32am
Mains Rd at Sunnybank near McCullough St, Sunnybank 6.39am 6.54am 7.10am 7.20am 7.35am
Mains Rd at Robertson, Macgregor 6.41am 6.56am 7.12am 7.22am 7.37am
Mains Road Park 'n' Ride, Nathan 6.43am 6.58am 7.14am 7.24am 7.39am
Griffith University station 6.48am 7.03am 7.19am 7.29am 7.45am
Mater Hill station 6.57am 7.12am 7.28am 7.38am 7.54am
South Bank Busway station 6.59am 7.14am 7.30am 7.40am 7.56am
Cultural Centre station 7.01am 7.16am 7.32am 7.42am 7.58am
Queen Street Bus station 7.05am 7.20am 7.36am 7.46am 8.02am
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