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A timetable showing departure stop and time for the next five Route 155 trips on Friday 1 August 2014
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Gowan Rd at The Parks, Calamvale 10.25am 11.25am 12.25pm 1.25pm 2.25pm
Gowan Rd at Parkside, Calamvale 10.26am 11.26am 12.26pm 1.26pm 2.26pm
Gowan Rd at Pennant Hills, Calamvale 10.27am 11.27am 12.27pm 1.27pm 2.27pm
Gowan Rd at Calam North, stop 35, Calamvale 10.28am 11.28am 12.28pm 1.28pm 2.28pm
Gowan Rd at Gowan and Compton, Sunnybank Hills 10.30am 11.30am 12.30pm 1.30pm 2.30pm
Gowan Rd near Blackbean St, Sunnybank Hills 10.30am 11.30am 12.30pm 1.30pm 2.30pm
Nemies Rd at Runcorn West near Brandon Rd, Runcorn 10.32am 11.32am 12.32pm 1.32pm 2.32pm
Nemies Rd at Runcorn Heights near Collinson St, Runcorn 10.33am 11.33am 12.33pm 1.33pm 2.33pm
Nursery Ave at Runcorn near Silkyoak St, Runcorn 10.34am 11.34am 12.34pm 1.34pm 2.34pm
Nursery Ave near Marika St, Runcorn 10.34am 11.34am 12.34pm 1.34pm 2.34pm
Beenleigh Rd at Fruitgrove station, Runcorn 10.36am 11.36am 12.36pm 1.36pm 2.36pm
Warrigal Rd at Fruitgrove near Hinton St, Runcorn 10.37am 11.37am 12.37pm 1.37pm 2.37pm
Warrigal Rd at Runcorn North, Runcorn 10.38am 11.38am 12.38pm 1.38pm 2.38pm
Warrigal Rd near Daw Rd, Eight Mile Plains 10.39am 11.39am 12.39pm 1.39pm 2.39pm
Warrigal Rd at Fanfare, Eight Mile Plains 10.41am 11.41am 12.41pm 1.41pm 2.41pm
Warrigal Rd at Bordeaux, Eight Mile Plains 10.42am 11.42am 12.42pm 1.42pm 2.42pm
Warrigal Rd at Padstow Views, Eight Mile Plains 10.43am 11.43am 12.43pm 1.43pm 2.43pm
Padstow Rd at Devonlea, Eight Mile Plains 10.45am 11.45am 12.45pm 1.45pm 2.45pm
McCullough St at Granadilla, Macgregor 10.49am 11.49am 12.49pm 1.49pm 2.49pm
Zamia St at Sunnybank Plaza, Sunnybank 10.52am 11.52am 12.52pm 1.52pm 2.52pm
McCullough St at Brooklands, Sunnybank 10.54am 11.54am 12.54pm 1.54pm 2.54pm
Troughton Rd at Brittain Park, Coopers Plains 10.55am 11.55am 12.55pm 1.55pm 2.55pm
Troughton Rd at Musgrave Road, stop 39, Coopers Plains 10.56am 11.56am 12.56pm 1.56pm 2.56pm
Troughton Rd at QEII Hospital, stop 37, Coopers Plains 10.58am 11.58am 12.58pm 1.58pm 2.58pm
Griffith University Stop B, Nathan 11.03am 12.03pm 1.03pm 2.03pm 3.03pm
University Rd at Mt Gravatt Cemetery, Nathan 11.07am 12.07pm 1.07pm 2.07pm 3.07pm
Griffith University station 11.10am 12.10pm 1.10pm 2.10pm 3.10pm
Queen Street Bus station 11.26am 12.26pm 1.26pm 2.26pm 3.26pm
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