A timetable showing departure stop and time for the next five Route 199 trips on Wednesday 16 April 2014
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Stop Trip details Trip details Trip details Trip details Trip details
Orleigh St at West End Ferry, stop 15 3.05pm 3.15pm 3.25pm 3.35pm 3.45pm
Morry St near Cordeaux St, stop 15a 3.05pm 3.15pm 3.25pm 3.35pm 3.45pm
Gray Rd at Yumba, stop 15 3.06pm 3.16pm 3.26pm 3.36pm 3.46pm
Hoogley St at Leitch Lane, stop 13/19 3.07pm 3.17pm 3.27pm 3.37pm 3.47pm
Hardgrave Rd at Hill End, stop 12 3.08pm 3.18pm 3.28pm 3.38pm 3.48pm
Hardgrave Rd at Why Not Street, stop 11 3.09pm 3.19pm 3.29pm 3.39pm 3.49pm
Hardgrave Rd at Rialto, stop 10 3.10pm 3.20pm 3.30pm 3.40pm 3.50pm
Hardgrave Rd at Ashington Street, stop 9a 3.11pm 3.21pm 3.31pm 3.41pm 3.51pm
Vulture St at West End School, stop 9 3.11pm 3.21pm 3.31pm 3.41pm 3.51pm
Vulture St at Cambridge Street, stop 8 3.12pm 3.22pm 3.32pm 3.42pm 3.52pm
Vulture St at West End, stop 7 3.12pm 3.22pm 3.32pm 3.42pm 3.52pm
Boundary St at Jane Street, stop 6 3.13pm 3.23pm 3.33pm 3.43pm 3.53pm
Boundary St at West End Junction, stop 5 3.14pm 3.24pm 3.34pm 3.44pm 3.54pm
Melbourne St at Manning Street, stop 4 3.15pm 3.25pm 3.35pm 3.45pm 3.55pm
Melbourne St at Cordelia Street, stop 3 3.16pm 3.26pm 3.36pm 3.46pm 3.56pm
Cultural Centre station 3.18pm 3.28pm 3.38pm 3.48pm 3.58pm
Adelaide Street Stop 20 at City Hall 3.21pm 3.31pm 3.41pm 3.51pm 4.01pm
Adelaide Street Stop 26 at Anzac Square 3.22pm 3.32pm 3.42pm 3.52pm 4.02pm
Adelaide Street Stop 29 near Wharf St 3.24pm 3.34pm 3.44pm 3.54pm 4.04pm
Adelaide Street Stop 30 near Macrossan St 3.26pm 3.36pm 3.46pm 3.56pm 4.06pm
Brunswick St at Robertson Street, stop 5 3.31pm 3.41pm 3.51pm 4.01pm 4.11pm
Brunswick St at Harcourt Street, stop 6 3.32pm 3.42pm 3.52pm 4.02pm 4.12pm
Brunswick St at Kent Street, stop 7/8 3.33pm 3.43pm 3.53pm 4.03pm 4.13pm
Brunswick St at Barker Street, stop 9 3.34pm 3.44pm 3.54pm 4.04pm 4.14pm
Brunswick St at Langshaw Street, stop 10 3.36pm 3.46pm 3.56pm 4.06pm 4.16pm
Merthyr Rd at Merthyr Central, stop 11 3.38pm 3.48pm 3.58pm 4.08pm 4.18pm
Merthyr Rd at Alford Street, stop 12 3.39pm 3.49pm 3.59pm 4.09pm 4.19pm
Merthyr Rd at Hawthorne Street, stop 13 3.40pm 3.50pm 4.00pm 4.10pm 4.20pm
Macquarie St at Saratoga, stop 13A 3.42pm 3.52pm 4.02pm 4.12pm 4.22pm
Macquarie St at Mercantile Place, stop 14 3.43pm 3.53pm 4.03pm 4.13pm 4.23pm
Macquarie St at Vernon Terrace, stop 15 3.45pm 3.55pm 4.05pm 4.15pm 4.25pm
Commercial Rd at Teneriffe Ferry, stop 16 3.48pm 3.58pm 4.08pm 4.18pm 4.28pm
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