A timetable showing departure stop and time for the next five Route 299 trips on Thursday 31 July 2014
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Priestdale Rd opp Rochedale High School, Rochedale 3.35pm 4.35pm 5.05pm
Rochedale Rd near Priestdale Rd, Rochedale 3.38pm 4.38pm 5.08pm
Rochedale Primary, Rochedale 3.39pm 4.39pm 5.09pm
Miles Platting Rd near Gardner Rd, Rochedale 3.40pm 4.40pm 5.10pm
Miles Platting Rd near Gardner Rd, Rochedale 3.41pm 4.41pm 5.11pm
Miles Platting Rd near Buckingham Pl, Eight Mile Plains 3.45pm 4.45pm 5.15pm
Logan Rd at Miles Platting Road, stop 82, Eight Mile Plains 3.46pm 4.46pm 5.16pm
Logan Rd at Brandl Street, stop 83, Eight Mile Plains 3.47pm 4.47pm 5.17pm
Brandl St near Logan Rd, Eight Mile Plains 3.48pm 4.48pm 5.18pm
McKechnie Dr near Electronics St, Eight Mile Plains 3.50pm 4.50pm 5.20pm
Eight Mile Plains station 3.55pm 4.55pm 5.25pm
Upper Mt Gravatt station 3.58pm 4.58pm 5.28pm
Griffith University station 4.00pm 5.00pm 5.30pm
Holland Park West station 4.02pm 5.02pm 5.32pm
Greenslopes station 4.04pm 5.04pm 5.34pm
Buranda busway station 4.06pm 5.06pm 5.36pm
Elizabeth Street Stop 85, City 4.15pm 5.15pm 5.45pm
Creek Street Stop 149A near Adelaide St, City 4.20pm 5.20pm 5.50pm
Ann Street Stop 7 at Anzac Square, City 4.22pm 5.22pm 5.52pm
Ann Street Stop 12 at City Hall, City 4.24pm 5.24pm 5.54pm
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Effective from Monday 20 January 2014


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