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A timetable showing departure stop and time for the next five Route 325 trips on Friday 25 April 2014
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Stop Trip details Trip details Trip details
Aberdeen Pde at Boondall station, Boondall 6.20pm 7.20pm 8.20pm
Landsboro Ave at Landsboro, stop 20a, Boondall 6.21pm 7.21pm 8.21pm
Roscommon Rd at Roscommon East, stop 19/64, Boondall 6.22pm 7.22pm 8.22pm
Sandgate Rd at Boondall School, stop 20, Boondall 6.23pm 7.23pm 8.23pm
Roghan Rd at Roghan East near Sovereign Pl, Boondall 6.23pm 7.23pm 8.23pm
Muller Rd at Boondall West near Hayman St, Taigum 6.24pm 7.24pm 8.24pm
Muller Rd at Taigum, stop 60, Taigum 6.26pm 7.26pm 8.26pm
Beams Rd at Taigum Shopping Centre, Zillmere 6.27pm 7.27pm 8.27pm
Church Rd at Church-Battersby, Zillmere 6.28pm 7.28pm 8.28pm
Church Rd at Church Road South, Zillmere 6.28pm 7.28pm 8.28pm
Zillmere Rd at Zillmere South near Yukon St, Zillmere 6.29pm 7.29pm 8.29pm
Newman Rd at Newman North, stop 52a, Geebung 6.29pm 7.29pm 8.29pm
Newman Rd at Geebung station, stop 51, Geebung 6.31pm 7.31pm 8.31pm
Newman Rd at Geebung School, stop 48, Geebung 6.31pm 7.31pm 8.31pm
Newman Rd at Newman - Ellison, stop 48, Geebung 6.32pm 7.32pm 8.32pm
Newman Rd at Newman South, stop 45, Wavell Heights 6.34pm 7.34pm 8.34pm
Hamilton Rd at Chermside East near Pfingst Rd, Chermside 6.36pm 7.36pm 8.36pm
Hamilton Rd at Corrie Street, stop 51, Chermside 6.37pm 7.37pm 8.37pm
Hamilton Rd at Chermside RSL, stop 53, Chermside 6.37pm 7.37pm 8.37pm
Hamilton Rd at Chermside, Chermside 6.39pm 7.39pm 8.39pm
Hamilton Rd at Farnell Street, stop 39, Chermside 6.41pm 7.41pm 8.41pm
Webster Rd at Prince Charles Hospital, stop 38, Chermside 6.44pm 7.44pm 8.44pm
Webster Rd at Webster - Rode, stop 37, Chermside 6.44pm 7.44pm 8.44pm
Webster Rd at Somerset Hills, stop 36, Kedron 6.46pm 7.46pm 8.46pm
Webster Rd at Wilgarning Street, Stafford Heights 6.47pm 7.47pm 8.47pm
Webster Rd at Stafford, stop 30, Stafford 6.49pm 7.49pm 8.49pm
Grange Rd at Raymont Road, stop 27, Grange 6.50pm 7.50pm 8.50pm
Grange Rd at Grange - Days, stop 25b, Grange 6.51pm 7.51pm 8.51pm
Thomas St at Grange near Carberry St, Grange 6.52pm 7.52pm 8.52pm
Wilston Rd at Newmarket station, stop 16, Newmarket 6.54pm 7.54pm 8.54pm
Enoggera Rd at Newmarket, stop 20, Newmarket 6.55pm 7.55pm 8.55pm
Kelvin Grove Rd at Moy Street, stop 14, Kelvin Grove 6.57pm 7.57pm 8.57pm
Kelvin Grove Rd near Prospect Tce, stop 12, Kelvin Grove 6.59pm 7.59pm 8.59pm
Normanby station 7.02pm 8.02pm 9.02pm
Roma Street Busway station 7.04pm 8.04pm 9.04pm
Turbot Street Stop 3 near Albert St, City 7.07pm 8.07pm 9.07pm
Edward Street Stop 141 near Ann St, City 7.09pm 8.09pm 9.09pm
Queen Street Stop 56 near Edward St, City 7.11pm 8.11pm 9.11pm
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