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A timetable showing departure stop and time for the next five Route 335 trips on Thursday 24 April 2014
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Sandgate bus station, stop 4, Sandgate 10.25am 11.28am 12.28pm 1.22pm 2.10pm
Board St at Deagon Racecourse, stop 29, Deagon 10.28am 11.31am 12.31pm 1.25pm 2.13pm
Braun St at Sandgate High, stop 27, Deagon 10.30am 11.33am 12.33pm 1.27pm 2.15pm
Sandgate Rd at Iceworld, stop 24, Boondall 10.32am 11.35am 12.35pm 1.29pm 2.17pm
Sandgate Rd at Boondall School, stop 20/21, Boondall 10.35am 11.38am 12.38pm 1.32pm 2.20pm
Beams Rd near Jalomy St, stop 25A, Boondall 10.37am 11.40am 12.40pm 1.34pm 2.22pm
Beams Rd near Groth Rd, Boondall 10.38am 11.41am 12.41pm 1.35pm 2.23pm
Beams Rd at Taigum Shopping Centre, Zillmere 10.40am 11.43am 12.43pm 1.37pm 2.25pm
Taigum Shopping Centre, stop 52/57, Taigum 10.40am 11.43am 12.43pm 1.37pm 2.25pm
Beams Rd at Bartholomew, stop 50, Taigum 10.41am 11.44am 12.44pm 1.38pm 2.26pm
Beams Rd at St Flannans, Zillmere 10.42am 11.45am 12.45pm 1.39pm 2.27pm
Beams Rd at Golden Downs, Zillmere 10.43am 11.46am 12.46pm 1.40pm 2.28pm
Balcara Ave at Beams - Balcara, Carseldine 10.44am 11.47am 12.47pm 1.41pm 2.29pm
Balcara Ave near Allira Cr, Carseldine 10.45am 11.48am 12.48pm 1.42pm 2.30pm
Dorville Rd at Dorville North, Carseldine 10.46am 11.49am 12.49pm 1.43pm 2.31pm
Dorville Rd at Denver East, Aspley 10.47am 11.50am 12.50pm 1.44pm 2.32pm
Zillmere Rd at Aspley High School, Aspley 10.48am 11.51am 12.51pm 1.45pm 2.33pm
Kirby Rd at Funnell Street, stop 52, Aspley 10.50am 11.53am 12.53pm 1.47pm 2.35pm
Kirby Rd at Aspley East, stop 50, Aspley 10.50am 11.53am 12.53pm 1.47pm 2.35pm
Kirby Rd near Robinson Rd, stop 48, Aspley 10.51am 11.54am 12.54pm 1.48pm 2.36pm
Kirby Rd at Ailsa Street, stop 47/46, Aspley 10.52am 11.55am 12.55pm 1.49pm 2.37pm
Kirby Rd at Kirby South, stop 45, Aspley 10.53am 11.56am 12.56pm 1.50pm 2.38pm
Webster Rd at Ellison West, stop 44, Aspley 10.53am 11.56am 12.56pm 1.50pm 2.38pm
Gympie Rd at Marchant Park, stop 40, Aspley 10.54am 11.57am 12.57pm 1.51pm 2.39pm
Gympie Rd at The Gardens, stop 38A, Chermside 10.57am 12.00pm 1.00pm 1.54pm 2.42pm
Gympie Rd at Chermside, stop 37/38, Chermside 10.58am 12.01pm 1.01pm 1.55pm 2.43pm
Hamilton Rd at Farnell Street, stop 39, Chermside 11.01am 12.04pm 1.04pm 1.58pm 2.46pm
Webster Rd at Prince Charles Hospital, stop 38, Chermside 11.03am 12.06pm 1.06pm 2.00pm 2.49pm
Webster Rd at Webster - Rode, stop 37, Chermside 11.03am 12.06pm 1.06pm 2.00pm 2.49pm
Webster Rd at Somerset Hills, stop 36, Kedron 11.05am 12.08pm 1.08pm 2.02pm 2.51pm
Webster Rd at Wilgarning Street, Stafford Heights 11.06am 12.09pm 1.09pm 2.03pm 2.52pm
Webster Rd at Stafford, stop 30, Stafford 11.08am 12.11pm 1.11pm 2.05pm 2.54pm
Grange Rd at Raymont Road, stop 27, Grange 11.10am 12.13pm 1.13pm 2.07pm 2.56pm
Grange Rd at Grange - Days, stop 25b, Grange 11.12am 12.15pm 1.15pm 2.09pm 2.58pm
Kedron Brook Rd at Wilston Village, stop 20, Wilston 11.15am 12.17pm 1.17pm 2.11pm 3.00pm
Newmarket Rd at Oakwal Lane, stop 16, Windsor 11.17am 12.19pm 1.19pm 2.13pm 3.02pm
Federation Street station 11.20am 12.22pm 1.22pm 2.16pm 3.05pm
RBWH station 11.22am 12.24pm 1.24pm 2.18pm 3.07pm
Barry Parade Stop 230 near Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley 11.27am 12.28pm 1.28pm 2.22pm 3.11pm
Ann Street Stop 6, City 11.31am 12.31pm 1.31pm 2.25pm 3.15pm
Ann Street Stop 8, City 11.33am 12.33pm 1.33pm 2.27pm 3.17pm
Queen Street Stop 56 near Edward St, City 11.35am 12.35pm 1.35pm 2.29pm 3.19pm
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