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A timetable showing departure stop and time for the next five Route 340 trips on Tuesday 22 April 2014
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Carseldine Station 5.47am 6.02am 6.17am 6.27am 6.37am
Beams Rd at Carseldine Campus 5.48am 6.03am 6.18am 6.28am 6.38am
Beams Rd at Bangalore Street 5.49am 6.04am 6.19am 6.29am 6.39am
Beams Rd near Tintara St 5.50am 6.05am 6.20am 6.30am 6.40am
Ridley Rd near Centurion St 5.51am 6.07am 6.22am 6.32am 6.42am
Ridley Rd at Ridley Road South 5.52am 6.08am 6.23am 6.33am 6.43am
Graham Rd at Carseldine West near Kentia St 5.53am 6.09am 6.24am 6.34am 6.44am
Graham Rd at Carseldine Chateaus, stop 47 5.54am 6.10am 6.25am 6.35am 6.45am
Gympie Rd at Aspley, stop 43 5.57am 6.13am 6.28am 6.38am 6.48am
Gympie Rd at Aspley South, stop 41 5.59am 6.15am 6.30am 6.40am 6.50am
Webster Rd at Chermside Markets 6.01am 6.18am 6.33am 6.43am 6.53am
Webster Rd at Milburn Street, stop 40/3 6.02am 6.19am 6.34am 6.44am 6.54am
Hamilton Rd at Farnell Street, stop 39 6.04am 6.21am 6.37am 6.47am 6.57am
Gympie Rd at Chermside, stop 37/38 6.06am 6.23am 6.40am 6.50am 7.00am
Gympie Rd at Kedron North 6.08am 6.25am 6.43am 6.53am 7.03am
Kedron Brook station 6.12am 6.29am 6.47am 6.57am 7.07am
Lutwyche station 6.14am 6.31am 6.49am 6.59am 7.09am
Lutwyche Rd at Windsor Rail, stop 13 6.16am 6.34am 6.52am 7.02am 7.12am
RBWH station 6.19am 6.38am 6.58am 7.08am 7.18am
RCH Herston station 6.21am 6.40am 7.00am 7.10am 7.20am
QUT Kelvin Grove station 6.22am 6.41am 7.01am 7.11am 7.21am
Normanby station 6.23am 6.42am 7.03am 7.13am 7.23am
Roma Street Busway station 6.25am 6.44am 7.05am 7.15am 7.25am
King George Square Bus station 6.27am 6.46am 7.07am 7.17am 7.27am
Woolloongabba station 6.36am 6.55am 7.16am 7.26am 7.36am
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Effective from Monday 14 October 2013
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Effective from Tuesday 29 January 2013


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