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A timetable showing departure stop and time for the next five Route 345 trips on Sunday 20 April 2014
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Stop Trip details Trip details Trip details Trip details Trip details
Aspley HyperMarket interchange 8.15am 8.30am 8.45am 9.00am 9.15am
Maundrell Tce at Horn Road, stop 50a 8.16am 8.32am 8.47am 9.02am 9.17am
Maundrell Tce at Chermside West, stop 48/11 8.17am 8.33am 8.48am 9.03am 9.18am
Maundrell Tce at John Goss Reserve, stop 47/12 8.18am 8.34am 8.49am 9.04am 9.19am
Maundrell Tce at Craigslea, stop 44/15 8.19am 8.35am 8.50am 9.05am 9.20am
Appleby Rd at Stafford Heights near Maryland St 8.21am 8.37am 8.52am 9.07am 9.22am
Appleby Rd at Stafford Heights South, stop 36/37 8.22am 8.38am 8.53am 9.08am 9.23am
Appleby Rd at Stafford North, stop 34a 8.23am 8.39am 8.54am 9.09am 9.24am
Shand St at Sparkes Hill 8.24am 8.40am 8.55am 9.10am 9.25am
Shand St at Sicklefield Rd, stop 31 8.26am 8.42am 8.57am 9.12am 9.27am
South Pine Rd at Alderley, stop 26 8.27am 8.44am 8.59am 9.14am 9.29am
Enoggera Rd at Banks Street, stop 22 8.29am 8.46am 9.01am 9.16am 9.31am
Enoggera Rd at Newmarket, stop 20 8.30am 8.47am 9.02am 9.17am 9.32am
Kelvin Grove Rd at Windsor Road, stop 16 8.31am 8.49am 9.04am 9.19am 9.34am
Kelvin Grove Rd near Prospect Tce, stop 12 8.34am 8.53am 9.08am 9.23am 9.38am
Normanby station 8.37am 8.57am 9.12am 9.27am 9.42am
Roma Street Busway station 8.39am 8.59am 9.14am 9.29am 9.44am
King George Square Bus station 8.41am 9.01am 9.16am 9.31am 9.46am
Cultural Centre station 8.44am 9.04am 9.19am 9.34am 9.49am
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