A timetable showing departure stop and time for the next five Route 369 trips on Thursday 24 April 2014
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Stop Trip details Trip details Trip details Trip details Trip details
Mitchelton Rail station, Mitchelton 1.43pm 2.13pm 2.43pm 3.18pm 3.52pm
Brookside Shopping Centre station 1.46pm 2.16pm 2.46pm 3.21pm 3.55pm
Griffith St at Burwood Street, stop 20/6, Everton Park 1.48pm 2.18pm 2.48pm 3.23pm 3.57pm
Griffith St near South Pine Rd, stop 18/4, Everton Park 1.49pm 2.19pm 2.49pm 3.24pm 3.58pm
Stafford Rd at Cutbush Street, stop 5, Everton Park 1.49pm 2.19pm 2.49pm 3.24pm 3.58pm
Stafford Rd at Trouts Road, stop 7, Stafford 1.51pm 2.21pm 2.51pm 3.26pm 4.00pm
Stafford Rd at Cockle Street, stop 35, Stafford 1.52pm 2.22pm 2.52pm 3.27pm 4.01pm
Stafford Rd at Shand Street, stop 33, Stafford 1.53pm 2.23pm 2.53pm 3.28pm 4.02pm
Stafford Rd at Windorah Street, stop 31, Stafford 1.55pm 2.25pm 2.55pm 3.30pm 4.04pm
Stafford Rd at Webster Rd, stop 30, Stafford 1.56pm 2.26pm 2.56pm 3.31pm 4.05pm
Stafford Rd at Stafford Central, Stafford 1.58pm 2.28pm 2.58pm 3.33pm 4.07pm
Stafford Rd at Beaconsfield Terrace, stop 28a, Kedron 1.59pm 2.29pm 2.59pm 3.34pm 4.08pm
Stafford Rd at Clarence Road, stop 27, Gordon Park 2.01pm 2.31pm 3.01pm 3.36pm 4.10pm
Kedron Brook station 2.04pm 2.34pm 3.04pm 3.39pm 4.13pm
Norman St near Lutwyche Rd, stop 24/25, Wooloowin 2.05pm 2.35pm 3.05pm 3.40pm 4.14pm
Kedron Park Rd near Kent St, stop 26, Wooloowin 2.06pm 2.36pm 3.06pm 3.41pm 4.15pm
Park Rd at Gorman Street, stop 28, Wooloowin 2.08pm 2.38pm 3.08pm 3.43pm 4.17pm
Park Rd at Rose Street, stop 29, Wooloowin 2.08pm 2.38pm 3.08pm 3.43pm 4.17pm
Junction Rd at Eagle Junction station, stop 28/1, Clayfield 2.11pm 2.41pm 3.11pm 3.46pm 4.20pm
Junction Rd at Stuckey Street, stop 28/2, Clayfield 2.13pm 2.43pm 3.13pm 3.48pm 4.22pm
Sandgate Rd at Eliza Street, stop 30, Clayfield 2.14pm 2.44pm 3.14pm 3.49pm 4.23pm
Toombul Interchange, Nundah 2.17pm 2.47pm 3.17pm 3.52pm 4.26pm
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Effective from Monday 14 October 2013


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