A timetable showing departure stop and time for the next five Route 375 trips on Wednesday 30 July 2014
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Carwoola St at Bardon, stop 22, Bardon 5.15am 5.50am 6.13am 6.30am 6.46am
Simpsons Rd at Bardon Treetops, stop 22a, Bardon 5.15am 5.50am 6.13am 6.31am 6.47am
Simpsons Rd at Bardon School, stop 21, Bardon 5.16am 5.51am 6.14am 6.31am 6.48am
Simpsons Rd at Bowman Park, stop 20, Bardon 5.17am 5.52am 6.15am 6.32am 6.49am
Chiswick Rd at Chiswick Road West, stop 19, Bardon 5.17am 5.52am 6.15am 6.32am 6.49am
Simpsons Rd at The Drive, stop 17, Bardon 5.18am 5.53am 6.16am 6.33am 6.50am
Simpsons Rd at Greer Street, stop 17a, Bardon 5.18am 5.53am 6.16am 6.34am 6.51am
Simpsons Rd at Bardon, stop 16, Bardon 5.19am 5.54am 6.17am 6.34am 6.52am
MacGregor Tce at Bardon, stop 15, Bardon 5.19am 5.54am 6.17am 6.35am 6.52am
MacGregor St at Tooth Ave, stop 14, Bardon 5.19am 5.54am 6.17am 6.35am 6.52am
Latrobe Tce at Perrott Avenue, stop 13, Paddington 5.20am 5.55am 6.18am 6.36am 6.53am
Latrobe Tce at Gilday Street, stop 12, Paddington 5.21am 5.56am 6.19am 6.36am 6.54am
Latrobe Tce at Trammies Corner, stop 11, Paddington 5.21am 5.56am 6.19am 6.37am 6.55am
Latrobe Tce at Paddington Central, stop 10, Paddington 5.22am 5.57am 6.20am 6.38am 6.56am
Latrobe Tce at Old Ithaca Fire Station, stop 9, Paddington 5.22am 5.57am 6.20am 6.39am 6.57am
Given Tce at Old Paddo Post Office, stop 8, Paddington 5.23am 5.58am 6.21am 6.39am 6.57am
Given Tce at Great George, stop 7, Paddington 5.24am 5.59am 6.22am 6.40am 6.58am
Given Tce at Paddo Tavern, stop 6, Paddington 5.24am 5.59am 6.22am 6.41am 6.59am
Given Tce at Paddington, stop 5, Paddington 5.25am 6.00am 6.23am 6.41am 6.59am
Caxton St near Chapel St, stop 4, City 5.26am 6.01am 6.24am 6.43am 7.01am
Upper Roma St near Quay St, stop 3, City 5.28am 6.03am 6.26am 6.45am 7.03am
Roma Street Stop 124 at Roma Street station, City 5.29am 6.05am 6.28am 6.47am 7.06am
Herschel Street Stop 2 near North Quay, City 5.31am 6.07am 6.30am 6.49am 7.08am
Adelaide Street Stop 17 near George St, City 5.33am 6.10am 6.33am 6.53am 7.12am
Adelaide Street Stop 23 near David Jones, City 5.35am 6.12am 6.35am 6.55am 7.14am
Adelaide Street Stop 28 near Hutton Lane, City 5.36am 6.13am 6.36am 6.56am 7.15am
Queen Street Stop 67 near Ann St (Orient), City 5.39am 6.16am 6.39am 6.59am 7.18am
Wickham Street Stop 227 near Gotha St, Fortitude Valley 5.41am 6.18am 6.41am 7.01am 7.20am
Brunswick Street Stop 211, Fortitude Valley 5.42am 6.19am 6.42am 7.02am 7.21am
Brunswick St at St Pauls Terrace, stop 5, Fortitude Valley 5.42am 6.19am 6.42am 7.02am 7.22am
Brunswick St at Water Street, stop 6, Fortitude Valley 5.43am 6.20am 6.43am 7.03am 7.23am
Bowen Bridge Rd at Gregory Terrace, stop 7, Bowen Hills 5.44am 6.21am 6.44am 7.04am 7.24am
RBWH station 5.46am 6.23am 6.46am 7.06am 7.27am
Federation Street station 5.46am 6.24am 6.47am 7.07am 7.28am
Lutwyche Rd near Taylor St, stop 11, Windsor 5.47am 6.24am 6.47am 7.08am 7.29am
Lutwyche Rd near Cartwright St, stop 12, Windsor 5.47am 6.24am 6.47am 7.08am 7.29am
Lutwyche Rd at Windsor Rail, stop 13, Windsor 5.47am 6.25am 6.48am 7.09am 7.30am
Lutwyche Rd at Windsor State School, stop 15, Windsor 5.48am 6.25am 6.48am 7.10am 7.31am
Lutwyche Rd at Old Council Chambers, stop 16, Windsor 5.48am 6.26am 6.49am 7.10am 7.31am
Truro Street station 5.48am 6.26am 6.49am 7.11am 7.32am
Lutwyche station 5.50am 6.28am 6.51am 7.13am 7.34am
Bradshaw St near Lucas St, stop 22a, Lutwyche 5.50am 6.28am 6.51am 7.13am 7.34am
Thistle St at Shamrock St, stop 23, Gordon Park 5.51am 6.29am 6.52am 7.14am 7.35am
Thistle St at Gordon Street, stop 24, Gordon Park 5.51am 6.29am 6.53am 7.15am 7.36am
Thistle St at Khartoum Street, stop 25, Gordon Park 5.52am 6.30am 6.53am 7.15am 7.36am
Richmond St at Aberdeen Terrace, stop 25a, Gordon Park 5.52am 6.30am 6.54am 7.16am 7.37am
Richmond St at Lennox Street, stop 26, Gordon Park 5.53am 6.31am 6.55am 7.17am 7.38am
Richmond St at Cowper Street, stop 27, Gordon Park 5.54am 6.32am 6.56am 7.18am 7.39am
Richmond St near Stafford Rd, stop 28, Gordon Park 5.55am 6.33am 6.57am 7.19am 7.40am
Stafford Rd at Turner Road, stop 29, Gordon Park 5.56am 6.34am 6.58am 7.20am 7.41am
Stafford Rd at Stafford Central, Stafford 5.56am 6.34am 6.59am 7.21am 7.42am
Stafford Rd at Webster Rd, stop 30, Stafford 5.58am 6.36am 7.01am 7.23am 7.44am
Webster Rd near Sayers St, Stafford 5.58am 6.36am 7.02am 7.24am 7.45am
Webster Rd at Stafford City, Stafford 5.59am 6.37am 7.03am 7.25am 7.46am
Stafford City, Stafford 6.02am 6.40am 7.06am 7.28am 7.49am
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Effective from Tuesday 28 January 2014


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