A timetable showing departure stop and time for the next five Route 470 trips on Saturday 19 April 2014
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High St at Toowong Village, stop 23 12.20pm 1.20pm 2.20pm 3.20pm 4.20pm
Sherwood Rd at Jephson St, stop 15/22 12.20pm 1.20pm 2.20pm 3.20pm 4.20pm
Sherwood Rd at Kensington Terrace, stop 21 12.21pm 1.21pm 2.21pm 3.21pm 4.21pm
Sherwood Rd at Toowong West, stop 20 12.22pm 1.22pm 2.22pm 3.22pm 4.22pm
Elizabeth St at Lodge St, stop 21 12.23pm - 2.23pm - 4.23pm
Elizabeth St at Ivy St, stop 22 12.23pm - 2.23pm - 4.23pm
Soudan St near Orchard St, stop 24 12.24pm - 2.24pm - 4.24pm
Orchard St near Bywong St, stop 25 12.25pm - 2.25pm - 4.25pm
Exmouth St near Camp St, stop 26 12.25pm - 2.25pm - 4.25pm
Camp St near Market St, stop 27 12.25pm - 2.25pm - 4.25pm
Market St near Duke St, stop 28 12.26pm - 2.26pm - 4.26pm
Orchard St at Lower Orchard St, stop 27/26 12.27pm - 2.27pm - 4.27pm
Orchard St at Upper Orchard St, stop 25 12.27pm - 2.27pm - 4.27pm
Soudan St near Bent St, stop 24 12.27pm - 2.27pm - 4.27pm
Ivy St near Mount St, stop 23 12.28pm - 2.28pm - 4.28pm
Dean St at Elizabeth St, stop 19/18 12.29pm 1.24pm 2.29pm 3.24pm 4.29pm
Dean St at Toowong Depot, stop 17 12.30pm 1.25pm 2.30pm 3.25pm 4.30pm
Miskin St at Toowong Cemetery, stop 15/16 12.30pm 1.25pm 2.30pm 3.25pm 4.30pm
Milton Rd at Milton - Sylvan, stop 14 12.31pm 1.26pm 2.31pm 3.26pm 4.31pm
Milton Rd at Morley Street, stop 13 12.32pm 1.27pm 2.32pm 3.27pm 4.32pm
Milton Rd at Markwell Street, stop 12 12.32pm 1.28pm 2.32pm 3.28pm 4.32pm
Milton Rd at Park Avenue, stop 11 12.33pm 1.28pm 2.33pm 3.28pm 4.33pm
Milton Rd at Auchenflower Shops, stop 10 12.34pm 1.29pm 2.34pm 3.29pm 4.34pm
Milton Rd at Hobbs Street, stop 9 12.34pm 1.30pm 2.34pm 3.30pm 4.34pm
Milton Rd at Torwood St, stop 8 12.35pm 1.31pm 2.35pm 3.31pm 4.35pm
Milton Rd at Milton, stop 7 12.36pm 1.31pm 2.36pm 3.31pm 4.36pm
Milton Rd at Milton Rail station, stop 5/6 12.37pm 1.32pm 2.37pm 3.32pm 4.37pm
Milton Rd at Suncorp, stop 4 12.38pm 1.34pm 2.38pm 3.34pm 4.38pm
Upper Roma St near Quay St, stop 3 12.39pm 1.34pm 2.39pm 3.34pm 4.39pm
Roma Street Stop 124 at Roma Street station 12.40pm 1.35pm 2.40pm 3.35pm 4.40pm
Herschel Street Stop 1 near North Quay 12.40pm 1.36pm 2.40pm 3.36pm 4.40pm
North Quay Island Stop 109 near Adelaide St 12.42pm 1.38pm 2.42pm 3.38pm 4.42pm
Elizabeth Street Stop 81 near George St 12.43pm 1.39pm 2.43pm 3.39pm 4.43pm
Elizabeth Street Stop 83 near Albert St 12.43pm 1.39pm 2.43pm 3.39pm 4.43pm
Elizabeth Street Stop 87 near Edward St 12.44pm 1.40pm 2.44pm 3.40pm 4.44pm
Eagle St app Eagle Lane (Stop 63) 12.45pm 1.41pm 2.45pm 3.41pm 4.45pm
Queen Street Stop 66 near Adelaide St 12.46pm 1.42pm 2.46pm 3.42pm 4.46pm
Queen Street Stop 67 near Ann St (Orient) 12.46pm 1.42pm 2.46pm 3.42pm 4.46pm
Wickham Street Stop 225 near Little St 12.48pm 1.44pm 2.48pm 3.44pm 4.48pm
Wickham Street Stop 229 near Warner St 12.50pm 1.46pm 2.50pm 3.46pm 4.50pm
Wickham St at Bridge Street, stop 5 12.51pm 1.46pm 2.51pm 3.46pm 4.51pm
Brookes St near Ann St, stop 10 12.52pm 1.48pm 2.52pm 3.48pm 4.52pm
Doggett St near Robertson St 12.54pm 1.50pm 2.54pm 3.50pm 4.54pm
James St near Arthur St, stop 9 12.55pm 1.50pm 2.55pm 3.50pm 4.55pm
James St near Gibbon St, stop 10 12.56pm 1.52pm 2.56pm 3.52pm 4.56pm
Gibbon St at Teneriffe Hill, stop 12 12.58pm 1.53pm 2.58pm 3.53pm 4.58pm
Chester St near Harcourt St, stop 11 12.59pm 1.54pm 2.59pm 3.54pm 4.59pm
Harcourt St at Hough Lane 1.00pm 1.55pm 3.00pm 3.55pm 5.00pm
Teneriffe Ferry Skyring Tce 1.03pm 1.58pm 3.03pm 3.58pm 5.03pm
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