A timetable showing departure stop and time for the next five Route 553 trips on Sunday 20 April 2014
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Stop Trip details
Beenleigh station, stop A 4.17pm
Alamein St at Beenleigh High School 4.18pm
Alamein St near Lae St 4.18pm
Alamein St near Juniper Ct 4.20pm
Clarks Rd near Meadows Cct 4.25pm
Clarks Rd near Crump St 4.26pm
Drews Rd near Hampton St 4.26pm
Drews Rd near Boeing St 4.28pm
Drews Rd near Piari St 4.29pm
Drews Rd near Barokee Dr 4.30pm
Jalan St near Murrami Ct 4.31pm
Pintu Dr near Tanah Merah Ave 4.32pm
Loganholme station 4.34pm
Mandew St at Hyperdome 4.34pm
Mandew St at Plantain Road 4.35pm
Pacific Hwy at Alfred Street 4.37pm
Pacific Hwy at Springlands Drive 4.37pm
Pacific Hwy at Centenary Road 4.38pm
Slacks Creek Park n Ride 4.40pm
Queens Rd near Meakin Rd 4.43pm
Meakin Rd near Plain St 4.43pm
Veldt St near Rowanda St 4.44pm
Veldt St near Lowry St 4.45pm
Wagensveldt St near Renita St 4.45pm
Wagensveldt St near Evelyn St 4.46pm
Wagensveldt St near Atikinson St 4.46pm
Windsor St near Balmoral St 4.47pm
Windsor St near Crown St 4.47pm
Windsor St near Andrew St 4.48pm
Royal Pde near Queens Rd 4.48pm
Queens Rd near Arch St 4.49pm
Adelaide St near Queens Rd 4.50pm
George St near Augustus St 4.50pm
Clare Rd near Brisbane St 4.52pm
Clare Rd near Kingston Rd 4.53pm
Kingston Rd at Augustus Street 4.53pm
Mayes Ave near Kingston Rd 4.54pm
Mayes Ave near Veryan St 4.55pm
Mayes Ave near David St 4.55pm
Mayes Ave near Huntress Ct 4.56pm
Mayes Ave near Heather St 4.57pm
Mayes Ave near Leichardt St 4.57pm
Logan Central Plaza Shops 5.00pm
Wembley Rd at Wilbur Street 5.01pm
Wembley Rd at Ewing Road 5.02pm
Railway Pde near Garfield Rd 5.07pm
Railway Pde near Muller Rd 5.07pm
Railway Pde near Pamela Cr 5.08pm
Railway Pde near Elizabeth St 5.09pm
Trinder St near Railway Pde 5.10pm
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Effective from Monday 20 January 2014


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