A timetable showing departure stop and time for the next five Route 590 trips on Friday 18 April 2014
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Stop Trip details Trip details Trip details Trip details Trip details
Garden City Shopping Centre interchange 1.05pm 1.35pm 2.05pm 2.35pm 3.05pm
Newnham Rd at Delavan, stop 78 1.07pm 1.37pm 2.07pm 2.37pm 3.07pm
Newnham Rd at Wishart West, stop 76 1.08pm 1.38pm 2.08pm 2.38pm 3.08pm
Newnham Rd at Civic Fair, stop 73 1.09pm 1.39pm 2.09pm 2.39pm 3.09pm
Newnham Rd at Condong Street, stop 70/63 1.11pm 1.41pm 2.11pm 2.41pm 3.11pm
Mt Gravatt East School - 61 1.12pm 1.42pm 2.12pm 2.42pm 3.12pm
Creek Rd at Greenmeadows South 1.13pm 1.43pm 2.13pm 2.43pm 3.13pm
Creek Rd at Greenmeadow 1.14pm 1.44pm 2.14pm 2.44pm 3.14pm
Creek Rd at Pacific Golf, stop 68 1.15pm 1.45pm 2.15pm 2.45pm 3.15pm
Creek Rd at Salvin Park, stop 69 1.16pm 1.46pm 2.16pm 2.46pm 3.16pm
Donnington St at Donnington, stop 53 1.18pm 1.48pm 2.18pm 2.48pm 3.18pm
Carindale Shopping Centre interchange 1.20pm 1.50pm 2.20pm 2.50pm 3.20pm
Bedivere St near Agravain St 1.22pm 1.52pm 2.22pm 2.52pm 3.22pm
Meadowlands Rd at Meadowlands 1.23pm 1.53pm 2.23pm 2.53pm 3.23pm
Creek Rd at Carina Bus Depot 1.25pm 1.55pm 2.25pm 2.55pm 3.25pm
Creek Rd at Carina North, stop 49 1.26pm 1.56pm 2.26pm 2.56pm 3.26pm
Creek Rd at Old Stockyards 1.28pm 1.58pm 2.28pm 2.58pm 3.28pm
Cannon Hill interchange 1.30pm 2.00pm 2.30pm 3.00pm 3.30pm
Creek Rd near Miller St 1.31pm 2.01pm 2.31pm 3.01pm 3.31pm
Metroplex South 1.32pm 2.02pm 2.32pm 3.02pm 3.32pm
Kingsford Smith Dr at French St, stop 40 1.40pm 2.10pm 2.40pm 3.10pm 3.40pm
Boronia Rd at Aviation School 1.44pm 2.14pm 2.44pm 3.14pm 3.44pm
Boronia Rd at DHL 1.44pm 2.14pm 2.44pm 3.14pm 3.44pm
Lomandra Dr near Viola Pl 1.45pm 2.15pm 2.45pm 3.15pm 3.45pm
Lomandra Dr near Qantas Dr 1.46pm 2.16pm 2.46pm 3.16pm 3.46pm
Ninth Ave at Skygate, stop 1 1.49pm 2.19pm 2.49pm 3.19pm 3.49pm
East West Arterial Rd at Nudgee Rd 1.53pm 2.23pm 2.53pm 3.23pm 3.53pm
Toombul Interchange 1.59pm 2.29pm 2.59pm 3.29pm 3.59pm
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