A timetable showing departure stop and time for the next five Route 745 trips on Friday 25 July 2014
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Nerang station, stop C, Nerang 12.49am Thursday 1.49am Thursday 6.49am 7.19am 7.49am
Riverside Home Caravan Park, Carrara 12.53am Thursday 1.53am Thursday 6.53am 7.23am 7.53am
Nerang Broadbeach Rd at Garden Grove, Carrara 12.54am Thursday 1.54am Thursday 6.54am 7.24am 7.54am
Nerang Broadbeach Rd at Nielsens Road, Carrara 12.56am Thursday 1.56am Thursday 6.56am 7.26am 7.56am
Gooding Rd at Cararra Markets, Carrara 12.59am Thursday 1.59am Thursday 6.59am 7.29am 7.59am
Nerang Broadbeach Rd at Fairway Drive, Broadbeach Waters 1.01am Thursday 2.01am Thursday 7.01am 7.31am 8.01am
Nerang Broadbeach Rd at Rio Vista Blvd, Broadbeach Waters 1.04am Thursday 2.04am Thursday 7.04am 7.34am 8.04am
Nerang Broadbeach Rd at Rawle Court, Broadbeach Waters 1.05am Thursday 2.05am Thursday 7.06am 7.36am 8.06am
Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, Broadbeach 1.08am Thursday 2.08am Thursday 7.09am 7.39am 8.09am
Broadbeach South station, stop B, Broadbeach 1.11am Thursday 2.11am Thursday 7.12am 7.42am 8.12am
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Effective from Sunday 8 June 2014


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