Route 704

A timetable showing departure stop and time for the next five Route 704 trips on Friday 1 July 2016
Stop Trip details Trip details Trip details Trip details Trip details
Helensvale station 6.16am 6.46am 6.59am 7.17am 7.32am
Town Centre Drive, Helensvale 6.16am 6.46am 6.59am 7.17am 7.32am
Gold Coast Hwy at Discovery Drive, Helensvale 6.17am 6.47am 7.00am 7.18am 7.33am
Gold Coast Hwy at Marble Arch Place, Coombabah 6.21am 6.51am 7.04am 7.22am 7.37am
Gold Coast Hwy at Arundel Drive, Coombabah 6.22am 6.52am 7.05am 7.23am 7.38am
Brisbane Rd at Pine Ridge Road, Biggera Waters 6.25am 6.55am 7.08am 7.26am 7.41am
Brisbane Rd at Centre View Drive, Biggera Waters 6.26am 6.56am 7.09am 7.27am 7.42am
Brisbane Rd at Gateway Drive, Biggera Waters 6.27am 6.57am 7.10am 7.28am 7.43am
Harbour Town 6.28am 6.58am 7.11am 7.29am 7.44am
Brisbane Rd at Treasure Island Caravan Park, Biggera Waters 6.28am 6.58am 7.11am 7.29am 7.44am
Labrador Park Shopping Centre, Biggera Waters 6.29am 6.59am 7.12am 7.30am 7.45am
Brisbane Rd at Billington Street, Labrador 6.30am 7.00am 7.13am 7.31am 7.46am
Brisbane Rd at Loder Street, Labrador 6.31am 7.01am 7.14am 7.32am 7.47am
Marine Pde at Parker Street, Labrador 6.32am 7.02am 7.15am 7.33am 7.48am
Gold Coast Hwy at Grand Hotel, Labrador 6.33am 7.03am 7.16am 7.34am 7.49am
Gold Coast Hwy at Whiting Street, Labrador 6.34am 7.04am 7.17am 7.35am 7.50am
Gold Coast Hwy at Central Street, Labrador 6.35am 7.05am 7.18am 7.36am 7.51am
Gold Coast Hwy at Southport Tourist Park, Labrador 6.37am 7.07am 7.20am 7.38am 7.53am
Gold Coast Hwy at Broadwater Tourist Park, Southport 6.39am 7.09am 7.22am 7.40am 7.55am
North St at Norman Street, Southport 6.40am 7.10am 7.23am 7.41am 7.56am
Scarborough St at Southport Transit Centre, Southport 6.42am 7.12am 7.25am 7.43am 7.58am
Scarborough St at Marshall Lane, Southport 6.43am 7.13am 7.26am 7.44am 7.59am
Southport bus station, stop A, Southport 6.44am 7.14am 7.27am 7.45am 8.00am
Southport South station 6.45am 7.15am 7.28am 7.46am 8.01am
Tedder Avenue near Cronin Ave, Main Beach 6.53am 7.23am 7.36am 7.54am 8.09am
Tedder Ave at Lennie Avenue, Main Beach 6.53am 7.23am 7.36am 7.54am 8.09am
Tedder Ave at Montgomery Avenue, Main Beach 6.53am 7.23am 7.36am 7.54am 8.09am
Main Beach Pde near Stafford St, Main Beach 6.54am 7.24am 7.37am 7.55am 8.10am
Seaworld Dr at Southport Yacht Club, Main Beach 6.55am 7.25am 7.38am 7.56am 8.11am
Seaworld Dr at Mariners Cove, Main Beach 6.56am 7.26am 7.39am 7.57am 8.12am
Sea World, Main Beach 6.58am 7.28am 7.41am 7.59am 8.14am
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Effective from Monday 21 July 2014


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