A timetable showing departure stop and time for the next five Route TX2 trips on Tuesday 29 July 2014
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Broadbeach South station, stop B, Broadbeach 8.00am 8.15am 8.25am 8.35am 8.45am
Surf Pde at Broadbeach Mall, Broadbeach 8.05am 8.20am 8.30am 8.40am 8.50am
Surf Pde at Capricornia Avenue, Broadbeach 8.06am 8.21am 8.31am 8.41am 8.51am
Surf Pde at Chelsea Avenue, Broadbeach 8.07am 8.22am 8.32am 8.42am 8.52am
Surf Pde at Armrick Avenue, Broadbeach 8.08am 8.23am 8.33am 8.43am 8.53am
Surf Pde at First Avenue, Surfers Paradise 8.09am 8.24am 8.34am 8.44am 8.54am
Old Burleigh Rd at Wharf Road, Surfers Paradise 8.11am 8.26am 8.36am 8.46am 8.56am
Old Burleigh Rd at Fern Street, Surfers Paradise 8.11am 8.26am 8.36am 8.46am 8.56am
Remembrance Drive near Surfers Paradise Bvd, Surfers Paradise 8.13am 8.28am 8.38am 8.48am 8.58am
Remembrance Dr at Markwell Avenue, Surfers Paradise 8.15am 8.30am 8.40am 8.50am 9.00am
Remembrance Dr at Bruce Bishop Car Park, Surfers Paradise 8.17am 8.32am 8.42am 8.52am 9.02am
Ferny Ave at Appel Park, Surfers Paradise 8.19am 8.34am 8.44am 8.54am 9.04am
Ferny Ave at Palm Avenue, Surfers Paradise 8.20am 8.35am 8.45am 8.55am 9.05am
Ferny Ave at Ocean Avenue, Surfers Paradise 8.21am 8.36am 8.46am 8.56am 9.06am
Main Beach Pde at Esplanade Surfers Paradise, Surfers Paradise 8.23am 8.38am 8.48am 8.58am 9.08am
Main Beach Pde at Cable Street, Main Beach 8.26am 8.41am 8.51am 9.01am 9.11am
Breaker St at Pacific Street, Main Beach 8.27am 8.42am 8.52am 9.02am 9.12am
Wet n Wild 8.47am 9.02am 9.12am 9.22am 9.32am
Movie World, Oxenford 8.52am 9.07am 9.17am 9.27am 9.37am
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