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A timetable showing departure stop and time for the next five Route P331 trips on Tuesday 29 July 2014
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Stop Trip details Trip details Trip details Trip details Trip details
Barrett St at McKeering - Barrett, Bracken Ridge 6.37am 6.47am 6.57am 7.07am 7.17am
Bracken St at Bracken Ridge Library, Bracken Ridge 6.39am 6.49am 6.59am 7.09am 7.19am
Gawain Rd at Gawain East, stop 42, Bracken Ridge 6.39am 6.49am 6.59am 7.09am 7.19am
Gawain Rd at Bracken Ridge, stop 43, Bracken Ridge 6.41am 6.51am 7.01am 7.11am 7.21am
Norris St at Greenore Street, Bracken Ridge 6.42am 6.52am 7.02am 7.12am 7.22am
Norris Rd at North Point, Bracken Ridge 6.43am 6.53am 7.03am 7.13am 7.23am
Barbour Rd near Phillips St, Bracken Ridge 6.45am 6.55am 7.05am 7.15am 7.25am
Phillips St at St Josephs, Bracken Ridge 6.46am 6.56am 7.06am 7.16am 7.26am
Phillips St at Enbrook Street, Bracken Ridge 6.47am 6.57am 7.07am 7.17am 7.27am
Denham St at Warra, stop 31, Bracken Ridge 6.49am 6.59am 7.09am 7.19am 7.29am
Lemke Rd at Sandgate AFC Ground, Taigum 6.51am 7.01am 7.11am 7.21am 7.31am
Handford Rd at Handford - Roghan, Taigum 6.52am 7.02am 7.13am 7.23am 7.33am
Handford Rd at Symes Grove, stop 49, Taigum 6.53am 7.03am 7.13am 7.23am 7.33am
Handford Rd at St Flannans School, Zillmere 6.54am 7.04am 7.15am 7.25am 7.35am
Handford Rd at Handford - Battersby, stop 49, Zillmere 6.55am 7.05am 7.15am 7.25am 7.35am
Handford Rd at Zillmere station, Zillmere 6.56am 7.06am 7.17am 7.27am 7.37am
Murphy Rd at Zillmere School, stop 44, Zillmere 6.58am 7.08am 7.19am 7.29am 7.39am
Murphy Rd at Butt Street, Geebung 7.00am 7.10am 7.21am 7.31am 7.41am
Murphy Rd at Ellison Road, stop 41, Geebung 7.01am 7.11am 7.22am 7.32am 7.42am
Gympie Rd at The Gardens, stop 38A, Chermside 7.05am 7.15am 7.26am 7.36am 7.46am
Gympie Rd at Chermside, stop 37/38, Chermside 7.07am 7.17am 7.28am 7.38am 7.48am
RBWH station 7.25am 7.37am 7.48am 7.59am 8.09am
Water Street Stop 186 near Dickens St, Spring Hill 7.29am 7.41am 7.52am 8.03am 8.13am
Upper Edward Street Stop 140 near Wickham Tce, Spring Hill 7.31am 7.43am 7.54am 8.05am 8.15am
Edward Street Stop 141 near Ann St, City 7.33am 7.45am 7.56am 8.07am 8.17am
Edward Street Stop 144 near Elizabeth St, City 7.35am 7.47am 7.58am 8.09am 8.19am
George Street Stop 123 near Alice St, City 7.41am 7.54am 8.05am 8.19am 8.29am
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Effective from Monday 23 June 2014


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