A timetable showing departure stop and time for the next five CityCat trips on Monday 29 August 2016
Stop UQ St Lucia UQ St Lucia UQ St Lucia UQ St Lucia UQ St Lucia
Northshore Hamilton ferry terminal, Hamilton 1.39pm 1.54pm 2.09pm 2.24pm 2.39pm
Apollo Road ferry terminal, Bulimba 1.45pm 2.00pm 2.15pm 2.30pm 2.45pm
Bretts Wharf ferry terminal, Hamilton 1.48pm 2.03pm 2.18pm 2.33pm 2.48pm
Teneriffe ferry terminal, Teneriffe 1.54pm 2.09pm 2.24pm 2.39pm 2.54pm
Bulimba ferry terminal, Bulimba 1.58pm 2.13pm 2.28pm 2.43pm 2.58pm
Hawthorne ferry terminal, Hawthorne 2.03pm 2.18pm 2.33pm 2.48pm 3.03pm
New Farm Park ferry terminal, New Farm 2.08pm 2.23pm 2.38pm 2.53pm 3.08pm
Mowbray Park ferry terminal, East Brisbane 2.12pm 2.27pm 2.42pm 2.57pm 3.12pm
Sydney Street ferry terminal, New Farm 2.15pm 2.30pm 2.45pm 3.00pm 3.15pm
Riverside ferry terminal, City 2.24pm 2.39pm 2.54pm 3.09pm 3.24pm
QUT ferry terminal, City 2.33pm 2.48pm 3.03pm 3.18pm 3.33pm
South Bank 2 ferry terminal, South Brisbane 2.37pm 2.52pm 3.07pm 3.22pm 3.37pm
North Quay 1 ferry terminal, City 2.41pm 2.56pm 3.11pm 3.26pm 3.41pm
Milton ferry terminal, Milton 2.47pm 3.02pm 3.17pm 3.32pm 3.47pm
Regatta ferry terminal, Toowong 2.51pm 3.06pm 3.21pm 3.36pm 3.51pm
Guyatt Park ferry terminal, St Lucia 2.55pm 3.10pm 3.25pm 3.40pm 3.55pm
West End ferry terminal, West End (Brisbane City) 2.59pm 3.14pm 3.29pm 3.44pm 3.59pm
UQ St Lucia ferry terminal, St Lucia 3.04pm 3.19pm 3.34pm 3.49pm 4.04pm
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