Gold Coast Line

A timetable showing departure stop and time for the next five Gold Coast Line trips on Tuesday 31 May 2016
Stop Varsity Lakes Varsity Lakes Varsity Lakes Varsity Lakes Varsity Lakes
Domestic Airport station 6.04am 6.34am 7.04am 7.34am 8.04am
International Airport station 6.08am 6.38am 7.08am 7.38am 8.08am
Eagle Junction station 6.15am 6.45am 7.15am 7.45am 8.15am
Wooloowin station 6.17am 6.47am 7.17am 7.47am 8.17am
Albion station 6.19am 6.49am 7.19am 7.49am 8.19am
Bowen Hills station 6.23am 6.53am 7.23am 7.53am 8.23am
Fortitude Valley station 6.25am 6.55am 7.25am 7.55am 8.25am
Central station 6.29am 6.59am 7.29am 7.59am 8.29am
Roma Street station 6.32am 7.02am 7.32am 8.02am 8.32am
South Brisbane station 6.37am 7.07am 7.37am 8.07am 8.37am
South Bank station 6.39am 7.09am 7.39am 8.09am 8.39am
Park Road station 6.42am 7.12am 7.42am 8.12am 8.42am
Altandi station 6.57am 7.27am 7.57am 8.27am 8.57am
Loganlea station 7.10am 7.40am 8.10am 8.40am 9.10am
Beenleigh station 7.20am 7.50am 8.20am 8.50am 9.20am
Ormeau station 7.27am 7.57am 8.27am 8.57am 9.27am
Coomera station 7.32am 8.02am 8.32am 9.02am 9.32am
Helensvale station 7.37am 8.07am 8.37am 9.07am 9.37am
Nerang station 7.42am 8.12am 8.42am 9.12am 9.42am
Robina station 7.48am 8.18am 8.48am 9.18am 9.48am
Varsity Lakes station 7.52am 8.22am 8.52am 9.22am 9.52am
Gold Coast/Airport line (PDF, 1023 KB)
Effective from Monday 20 January 2014


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