A timetable showing departure stop and time for the next five Ferny Grove Line trips on Friday 25 April 2014
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Stop Beenleigh Beenleigh Beenleigh Beenleigh Beenleigh
Ferny Grove station 11.02am 11.32am 12.02pm 12.32pm 1.02pm
Keperra station 11.06am 11.36am 12.06pm 12.36pm 1.06pm
Grovely station 11.08am 11.38am 12.08pm 12.38pm 1.08pm
Oxford Park station 11.10am 11.40am 12.10pm 12.40pm 1.10pm
Mitchelton station 11.12am 11.42am 12.12pm 12.42pm 1.12pm
Gaythorne station 11.14am 11.44am 12.14pm 12.44pm 1.14pm
Enoggera station 11.16am 11.46am 12.16pm 12.46pm 1.16pm
Alderley station 11.18am 11.48am 12.18pm 12.48pm 1.18pm
Newmarket station 11.20am 11.50am 12.20pm 12.50pm 1.20pm
Wilston station 11.22am 11.52am 12.22pm 12.52pm 1.22pm
Windsor station 11.24am 11.54am 12.24pm 12.54pm 1.24pm
Bowen Hills station 11.28am 11.58am 12.28pm 12.58pm 1.28pm
Fortitude Valley station 11.30am 12.00pm 12.30pm 1.00pm 1.30pm
Central station 11.34am 12.04pm 12.34pm 1.04pm 1.34pm
Roma Street station 11.37am 12.07pm 12.37pm 1.07pm 1.37pm
South Brisbane station 11.42am 12.12pm 12.42pm 1.12pm 1.42pm
South Bank station 11.44am 12.14pm 12.44pm 1.14pm 1.44pm
Park Road station 11.47am 12.17pm 12.47pm 1.17pm 1.47pm
Dutton Park station 11.49am 12.19pm 12.49pm 1.19pm 1.49pm
Fairfield station 11.51am 12.21pm 12.51pm 1.21pm 1.51pm
Yeronga station 11.53am 12.23pm 12.53pm 1.23pm 1.53pm
Yeerongpilly station 11.55am 12.25pm 12.55pm 1.25pm 1.55pm
Moorooka station 11.57am 12.27pm 12.57pm 1.27pm 1.57pm
Rocklea station 11.59am 12.29pm 12.59pm 1.29pm 1.59pm
Salisbury station 12.01pm 12.31pm 1.01pm 1.31pm 2.01pm
Coopers Plains station 12.04pm 12.34pm 1.04pm 1.34pm 2.04pm
Banoon station 12.06pm 12.36pm 1.06pm 1.36pm 2.06pm
Sunnybank station 12.08pm 12.38pm 1.08pm 1.38pm 2.08pm
Altandi station 12.10pm 12.40pm 1.10pm 1.40pm 2.10pm
Runcorn station 12.12pm 12.42pm 1.12pm 1.42pm 2.12pm
Fruitgrove station 12.14pm 12.44pm 1.14pm 1.44pm 2.14pm
Kuraby station 12.16pm 12.46pm 1.16pm 1.46pm 2.16pm
Trinder Park station 12.21pm 12.51pm 1.21pm 1.51pm 2.21pm
Woodridge station 12.23pm 12.53pm 1.23pm 1.53pm 2.23pm
Kingston station 12.27pm 12.57pm 1.27pm 1.57pm 2.27pm
Loganlea station 12.29pm 12.59pm 1.29pm 1.59pm 2.29pm
Bethania station 12.33pm 1.03pm 1.33pm 2.03pm 2.33pm
Edens Landing station 12.35pm 1.05pm 1.35pm 2.05pm 2.35pm
Holmview station 12.38pm 1.08pm 1.38pm 2.08pm 2.38pm
Beenleigh station 12.41pm 1.11pm 1.41pm 2.11pm 2.41pm
Ferny Grove line (PDF, 1042 KB)
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