A timetable showing departure stop and time for the next five Springfield Line trips on Wednesday 23 July 2014
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Stop Bowen Hills Bowen Hills Bowen Hills Bowen Hills Bowen Hills
Springfield Central station 5.09pm 5.39pm 6.09pm 6.39pm 7.09pm
Springfield station 5.12pm 5.42pm 6.12pm 6.42pm 7.12pm
Richlands station 5.18pm 5.48pm 6.18pm 6.48pm 7.18pm
Darra station 5.22pm 5.52pm 6.22pm 6.52pm 7.22pm
Oxley station 5.25pm 5.55pm 6.25pm 6.55pm 7.25pm
Corinda station 5.28pm 5.58pm 6.28pm 6.58pm 7.28pm
Sherwood station 5.30pm 6.00pm 6.30pm 7.00pm 7.30pm
Graceville station 5.32pm 6.02pm 6.32pm 7.02pm 7.32pm
Chelmer station 5.34pm 6.04pm 6.34pm 7.04pm 7.34pm
Indooroopilly station 5.36pm 6.06pm 6.36pm 7.06pm 7.36pm
Taringa station 5.38pm 6.08pm 6.38pm 7.08pm 7.38pm
Toowong station 5.41pm 6.11pm 6.41pm 7.11pm 7.41pm
Auchenflower station 5.43pm 6.13pm 6.43pm 7.13pm 7.43pm
Milton station 5.45pm 6.15pm 6.45pm 7.15pm 7.45pm
Roma Street station 5.48pm 6.18pm 6.48pm 7.18pm 7.48pm
Central station 5.52pm 6.22pm 6.52pm 7.22pm 7.52pm
Fortitude Valley station 5.54pm 6.24pm 6.54pm 7.24pm 7.54pm
Bowen Hills station 5.56pm 6.26pm 6.56pm 7.26pm 7.56pm
Springfield line (PDF, 1458 KB)
Effective from Monday 20 January 2014